Blackpool Place

Blackpool is an urban coastal area, with a thriving tourist economy and a strong sense of community.

With high levels of deprivation and a transient population, Blackpool residents have some of the most difficult health needs in the country.


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Director of health and care integration for Blackpool Place is Karen Smith.

Karen is also director of adult social services at Blackpool Council and has worked for Blackpool council for over 20 years in adult social care and policy roles.

Karen also has extensive experience working in the voluntary sector, for both Citizen’s Advice and Shelter’s Housing Aid Centre. 

Key priorities

As a partnership, Blackpool Place has considered feedback from the many communities in Blackpool and has been very mindful about alignment - considering other strategies and priorities which are either emerging, or already in situ.

Partners are keen to ensure that the expected impact / outcome of this collaborative delivery is articulated, so that the benefits for residents can be seen and understood.

Blackpool Place priorities have been split into three areas and align to the Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Partnership strategy.

How to get involved

It is important we involve people from all of the diverse communities across Blackpool in our work. The NHS belongs to us all and your views matter. It's your health service, and it's really important you tell us about your experiences and help to shape how services will look in the future.

By actively engaging people in different ways, we also come closer to reducing the differences in health and life expectancy and deliver services that meet the needs of our population.

If you would like to get involved please contact our engagement team at 

What is a place-based partnership?

A place-based partnership is a collaboration of planners and providers across health, local authority and the wider community, who take collective responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of residents within a place. Most people’s day to day care and support needs will be met within a place and delivered in neighbourhoods.

Blackpool is one of four place-based partnerships in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

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